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Poem, response [entries|friends|calendar]
David Allen Stockwell II

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[28 Mar 2013|05:11pm]
too... sore.... to.... take.... of....... uniform..... beer in bed in boots it is. That's lyfe sometimez.
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[17 Feb 2013|12:24am]
[ mood | Homesick ]

I've never been one to really utilize this thing in the past few years, so I'll just say that I miss you all and leave it at that.

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[16 Jul 2012|10:10pm]
Listened to Apple O' in it's entirety just to hear panda panda panda.
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[20 Mar 2012|09:51pm]
Is and always will be one of my favorite things.

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Two truths and a single lie [02 Feb 2012|09:58pm]
  1. I poop my pants on a regular basis
  2. I like cheese
  3. I absolutely despise The Beatles and always have.
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[09 Dec 2011|05:59pm]
Some days I wake up and turn on Skyrim only to minimize it and get dressed to the main menu song.
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[20 Nov 2011|09:46pm]
Sometimes I read others' Livejournal entries and feel emotionless. Is my life perfect or do I just not give a shit anymore?
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[14 Nov 2011|08:55pm]
Getting sick and tired of all this Theban bullshit.
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[01 Sep 2011|06:47pm]
lancia spezzata
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Restored from Saved Draft [29 Aug 2011|10:56pm]
We're going to have the best days of our lives, where there's no more strife.
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[15 Jul 2011|09:38pm]
 Love is not like they say
A lie, that it’s hard to make it stay
It drowns my feelings in the sea
I dried out over on the beach
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Hej [09 Jul 2011|03:27pm]
I think Google+ might actually go somewhere. I already prefer it over Facebook.


I recently forgot that I downloaded Rosetta Stone roughly a year ago. So you know, been doing that all day. I've failed this goal many times, let's see if I can regain my German fluency.

I did almost nothing this weekend. YES!

About to get my Associates degree. It took only 3 months. You mad?

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I've got the same shirt as the drummer [05 Jul 2011|09:29pm]
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[ mood | peaceful ]


I've got the total opposite of this, but I call it by the same name. On this island there is never a dull moment. Diving, climbing, hiking, swimming, partying, Starcraft 2'ing and of course schooling. When will it ever end? Hopefully never. My only obligation is work. Chump change.

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[21 Jun 2011|04:17pm]
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[16 Jun 2011|08:58pm]
I just went bento crazy.
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Oh, and me. [01 Jun 2011|10:29pm]
 Those that are still online include: East Coasters, No-Lifers, and Europeans.
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[30 Mar 2011|03:57pm]
 Good news, everyone!
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But I'll take it, it'll do. [22 Mar 2011|08:15pm]
 Dug up a fifth of Hood River Gin, that stuff tastes like medicine
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 a quiet, painfully awkward, passive-aggressive, eyes-averted fight, no fireworks and no catharsis for the characters either. It's how people who aren't drama queens actually get angry at each other--quietly and seethingly.


Don't stop at Googling. Download and thoroughly enjoy.
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